Microwave Defrosting Euipment for Food

Introduce Characteristic Parameter PDF Download PDF Microwave thawing is a new thawing method adapted to the trend of development. Microwave food thawing equipment is used to thaw meat products, seafood products, frozen fruits, vegetables, etc. With stable performance and rapid thawing, it is ideal for high-tech thawing equipment. Frozen vegetables/frozen meat products Frozen vegetables/frozen meat products Examples of traditional thawing methods: The energy is mainly transferred by heat conduction in the water dissolving freezing method and the natural thawing method. The surface of the material is the first to be heated. The frozen surface is easy to be heated, and … Read more

Microwave Defrosting Equipment for Frozen Fruits

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Freezing is a safe way of food preservation, which can effectively inhibit microorganisms’ growth and reproduction and prevent spoilage. Frozen meat can be preserved for a long time, with lower transportation costs and prices. For fruits, especially those with a concentrated picking period, short harvesting time, and perishable, quick-freezing method can extend the storage period and adjust the low and high season. The final quality of frozen products depends not only on freezing technology but also on thawing technology. People pay more and more attention to the thawing method’s research, so it is necessary … Read more

Tuna Microwave Thawing Equipment

Introduce Advantage Principle PDF Download PDF In the aquaculture industry and the aquaculture processing industry, high-quality thawing methods that are indispensable for rapid, uniform, non-burnt, or cooked indispensable refrigeration techniques are expected. Cryopreservation technology is an essential technology for modern society that preserves the freshness or quality of agricultural products or processed foods for long-term preservation. Processed tuna Processed tuna Shortcomings of traditional microwave thawing equipment: Many of the frozen foods that we use in our lives need to be frozen to prevent the goods from spoiling due to the hot weather. These frozen foods need to be thawed before … Read more

Frozen Meat Microwave Thawing Equipment

Introduce Advantage Structure PDF Download PDF We need to freeze meat to preserve its freshness. Frozen meat can become hard and impossible to cut, so cooking with frozen meat requires thawing, especially if it’s a large meat piece. Thawing fish frozen beef   Advantages of microwave frozen thawing equipment compared with traditional thawing equipment: Natural thawing is very time consuming, and a long time is prone to cause food spoilage. High-temperature electrothermal thawing and hot water immersion can accelerate thawing. Still, too high temperature will affect meat quality and breed bacteria and make the taste of thawed meat products worse. (1) … Read more

Preserved Aquatic Product Thawing Equipment

Introduce Advantage Composition PDF Download PDF Aquatic products are often rich in calcium, zinc, protein, various vitamins, and their nutritional value is wealthy, which is very popular among modern people. The fresh aquatic product can preserve and thaw aquatic products to ensure aquatic products’ freshness and nutrition. Thawing squid Thawing crab legs   Advantages of preserved aquatic product thawing equipment compared to traditional thawing equipment: In order to ensure the freshness of aquatic products during long-distance transportation, aquatic products need to be placed in a refrigerator for rapid freezing and then thawed as needed. However, the current conventional microwave aquatic product … Read more