Unipolar Plate Thawing Equipment

Introduce Advantage Structure PDF Download PDF Cryopreservation of meat and other foods is a good method to maintain the quality of the food. In order to prevent the quality of the food from being greatly affected after thawing, the food experience is affected. We have developed unipolar plate thawing equipment. Thaw chicken Thaw chicken   Advantages of unipolar plate thawing equipment: (1)A combination of a unipolar plate and a cavity is adopted. The unipolar plate resonant structure can be mounted in a cavity of any size, the size of the unipolar plate, the number of turns of the coil and the … Read more

Industrial Microwave Thawing Machine

Introduce Advantage Principle PDF Download PDF With the more detailed division of labor, poultry and livestock farming and slaughter are more concentrated, the various meat products derived from them are more diverse. This has led to an increase in market circulation. The quality requirements for meat products are higher and more diverse. Freezing as a means of preserving meat and meat products is becoming more and more important, because frozen storage can better maintain the fresh quality of meat, especially if some meat products need to be imported from abroad or domestic meat products need to be exported to foreign … Read more

High Efficiency Microwave Thawing Machine

Introduce Advantage Principle PDF Download PDF Frozen meat is best thawed in a closed container to avoid meat contamination. The thawing equipment is used to thaw when the demand is large. Therefore, the container of the thawing equipment must be convenient for picking and dropping frozen meat and thawed meat. Frozen fresh meat Frozen fresh meat   Advantages of high efficiency microwave thawing machine: The detachable cap of the sealed container has three sides and a top surface. When the opening is opened, the movable cover can be completely separated from the base, the meat rack is completely exposed so that … Read more

Ultrasonic Microwave Thawing Equipment

Introduce Advantage Structure PDF Download PDF The fresh fruit microwave thawing equipment relates to the technical field of thawing, in particular to a method for ultrasonic thawing equipment and a mechanical device for icing and defrosting. Frozen yellow apricot Frozen strawberry   The shortcomings of existing thawingequipment: 1.Air thawing: This method does not require special thawing equipment, but simply thaws the frozen food in the air at room temperature. Due to the air heat transfer coefficient is low, the heat conduction is slow and the thawing time is very long. Therefore, it is easy to cause bacteria to multiply and affect … Read more