Microwave Defrost Equipment for duck meat

When it comes to duck, the first thing that comes to your mind is definitely the Beijing roast duck. It is a world-famous dish with a long history in Beijing. It is known as “the world delicious” with its features of red color and lustre, tender meat, mellow taste, fat but not greasy. Think of it can not help and let a person drool, after eating is worth a long aftertaste!

Peking Duck

Duck meat is usually frozen for storage, so the roast duck must be defrosted before it is roasted. The duck microwave thaw equipment of Leader Microwave Equipment Company is a new type of thaw equipment. It uses the advanced craft, by the specialized technical personnel research and development manufacture, has many other equipment incomparable superiority, is worth having.


Characteristics of microwave defrosting equipment for duck meat

  1. The duck microwave defrosting machine adopts frequency converter to adjust the stepping speed of the conveyor belt with high accuracy.
  2. In order to ensure the uniform temperature of the defrosting tank, the duck microwave defrosting machineuses the circulation pump to force the circulation of cold water in the tank.
    The defrosting machine is equipped with protective devices on both sides of the chain to prevent the product from being involved in the chain and causing product damage.
  3. PLC touch screen automatic control, according to different requirements for the microwave defrostingmachine of duck meat adjustment, easy to operate. Reduce food moisture loss, lock nutrients, reduce the weight loss rate of products.
  4. After the end of thawing, it will be automatically transferred to the state of refrigerated preservation.Keep the defrosted product fresh and ready to use. The whole thawing process is in low-temperature environment, and the sterilizing device can be selected to meet the requirements of food safety and hygiene.
  5. In order to guarantee the products of the thaw out clean, the duck thaw period of mesh belt in the middle of duck microwave thawing deviceequipped with cold water spray, outside the thawing slot list add water storage tank circulation, make the product in the process of thawing, from product to thaw the impurity in the tank, the outer water tank inside loop have enough time to precipitation, to reduce the number of defrost tank cleaning.
  6. The microwave defrosting equipment defrosting process is fast, the duck is less likely to be infected by bacteria, can maximize the guarantee of the quality of duck, safe and pollution-free, can be assured of eating.

Microwave defrost equipment for duck meat

Working principle of microwave defrosting equipment for duck meat

The air bubble generator is used to bring heat into the water, and the continuous heat transfer is achieved by hitting the surface of the duck meat through the continuous rolling water waves, so as to accelerate the thawing cycle of the duck meat, avoid the secondary contamination of materials caused by bacteria invasion in the long-term thawing state, and quickly complete the thawing of the duck meat.

Technical parameters of microwave defrosting equipment for duck meat

TypeDL-550CategoryThawing equipment
Processing customizedYesVoltage380(v)
Power11.5(kw)PackageWrapping film
Order number550Product usageDefrost frozen food

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The duck microwave thawing equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company not only has its own unique advantages, but also can optimize the production efficiency, reduce the production cost and improve the working environment in the workshop. It is the best choice for modern enterprises to upgrade equipment and build new production lines!