Microwave Defrost Equipment for steaks

In the past, pork and mutton were the common people’s meat, while the beef was the nobles’ senior meat. But now, as society’s progress, people’s living standard rises ceaselessly, the life that beef also gradually infiltrates ordinary people, steak also becomes a common cate on the table.


We all know that meat is usually frozen. Otherwise, it is perishable, and steak is no exception. So, when you make a steak, the first thing to do is to defrost it. There are many ways to defrost, but by far, the best way is microwave defrost. Leader Microwave Equipment Company has applied microwave technology to produce steak microwave defrosting equipment.

Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for steak

1. High defrost quality

The thawing process of microwave equipment is fast. The chances of steak being infected by bacteria are much less, which can ensure the quality of materials to the greatest extent.

2. Defrost evenly

During the thawing process, the temperature difference between the steak center and the surface is always kept within a narrow range. The microwave thawing device for steak combined with a scientific and reasonable air distribution device ensures the steak’s uniform thawing from the center to the surface and keeps the steak fresh.
3. Nutrients are not easily lost

The thawing process is always carried out in a low-temperature and high-humidity environment. The steak cell juice loss caused by microwave thawing equipment for steak is minimal, which keeps the original color and flavor of the steak, reduces the loss of nutrients, reduces the weight loss rate, and reduces the loss, win profits of the enterprise.
4. Advanced equipment and exquisite workmanship

Made of high-quality stainless steel, temperature, and speed can be set according to process requirements. The steak microwave defrosting machine runs smoothly. With low noise, small scalability, not easy to deform, easy to maintain, the water temperature is automatically controlled by the temperature controller, and the speed is adjusted by frequency conversion.

5. Easy operation and strong applicability

Using touch screen operation, PLC automatic microcomputer control, according to different frozen products, set different defrosting procedures, users according to the defrosting products, select the appropriate defrosting procedures. Thawing and refrigeration processes are combined. After the defrosting process stops, it will automatically change into the state of refrigerated preservation, which can be used at any time.
Mature humidifier
After years of practical design experience, the microwave defrosting machine has solved difficult humidification at low ambient temperature. The low-temperature air is forced humidified by a high-pressure spray device. The average relative humidity during the whole thawing process was over 94%.

Microwave defrost equipment for steaks

Working principle of microwave thawing equipment for steak

Place the steak in a defrosting tank filled with water and bubble the water to achieve rapid thaw. There is a constant temperature tank next to the defrosting tank, from which water flows into the defrosting machine. With the defrosting of steak, the products on the conveyor belt are discharged in the direction of discharge. The water temperature in the defrosting tank slowly drops. In this period, the water will enter the thermostatic pool from the defrosting pool—this way of recycling, saving water, and environmental protection.

schematic diagram


Technical parameters of microwave defrosting equipment for steaks

TypeDL-088SpeciesThawing equipment
Processing customizedYesVoltage380(v)
Power13.5(kw)PackagingWrapping film
Order number088Product usageThe defrosting of frozen food

With the development of society, the traditional thawing method has not been able to meet the times’ requirements. The appearance of microwave thawing equipment, such as duck meat microwave thawing equipment, fruit microwave thawing equipment, and steak microwave thawing equipment, has occupied the market and been sold abroad. Microwave thawing technology has reached a mature level, can completely replace the manual operation, and more processing enterprises purchase and use, the prospects are good!