Microwave Defrosting Euipment for Food

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Microwave thawing is a new thawing method adapted to the trend of development. Microwave food thawing equipment is used to thaw meat products, seafood products, frozen fruits, vegetables, etc. With stable performance and rapid thawing, it is ideal for high-tech thawing equipment.

Frozen vegetables/frozen meat products
Frozen vegetables/frozen meat products
Frozen vegetables/frozen meat products
Frozen vegetables/frozen meat products

Examples of traditional thawing methods:

The energy is mainly transferred by heat conduction in the water dissolving freezing method and the natural thawing method. The surface of the material is the first to be heated. The frozen surface is easy to be heated, and water is generated to reduce the heat conductivity and slow the thawing speed.

  Characteristics of food microwave defrosting equipment:

1. Food microwave defrosting equipment can be customized according to users’ technical characteristics, production, and other requirements.

2. The microwave penetrates the material inside and outside simultaneously heating, does not need heat conduction, and low energy consumption.

3. Food microwave defrost equipment is made of stainless steel, in line with food production standards. The thawing process can be carried out with packaging, eliminating the thawing space and shelf of natural thawing, avoiding the waste of water source of thawing, greatly reducing the reproduction of harmful bacteria, environmental protection, and sanitation.

4. The food microwave defrosting equipment is operated by a touch screen, which requires fewer operators when defrosting. The automatic and continuous production can be realized, work 24 hours continuously, and work well.

5. The food microwave thawing equipment causes the material inside and outside to be affected by the electromagnetic field at the same time to produce heat, will not appear the phenomenon of outside heat and inside cold, the thawing temperature inside and outside is uniform.

6. Food microwave defrosts equipment defrost fast. Using a continuous tunnel microwave defrosting system can improve production efficiency and greatly save processing time.

7. The food microwave defrosting equipment keeps the protein, amino acid, vitamin, and other nutrients from being damaged. After thawing, the color, nutrition, and taste are basically unchanged.

8. Microwave has a bactericidal effect, its thermal effect, and its biological effect. The thawed materials can be quickly through the temperature area where the bacteria multiply, avoid pollution, and extend the shelf life.

9. Reduce meat loss rate, natural defrost, and water defrost will have blood flow, meat loss rate in 5-10%, food microwave defrosts equipment meat loss rate is less than 1%.

Microwave defrosting equipment for food

Microwave defrosting equipment for food

Application field of microwave defrosting machine:

Microwave defrosting equipment for food is a continuous defrosting processing system for meat, fish, poultry, fruits, and frozen baking products.

  Technical parameters of microwave defrosting equipment for food:

10KW Microwave defroster
10KW Microwave defroster
20KW Microwave defroster
20KW Microwave defroster
30KW Microwave defroster
30KW Microwave defroster
Customized microwave defroster
Customized microwave defroster

  Here are more details about our industrial microwave pork defrosting machine:

total power10KW20KW30KWcustomization
magnetron model numberM75P
microwave transformer modelQX-08CC
the high-pressure silicon reactor model2CL2A10KV
working life5-8 years
working procedureworking procedure
heating methodelectrical energy
the material of the conveyor beltTeflon conveyor belt
working environmenttemperature5~40℃、Relative humidity below 90%, no corrosion, no flame, indoor
control mode control mode
hygienic standardIn line with GB 10436-1989 microwave radiation in the workplace

Working principle of microwave defrosting equipment for food:

Microwave thawing is an internal heating method, is a kind of electrical thawing. The principle is that the electromagnetic wave has a special effect on high molecular and low molecular polar groups, especially on water molecules. It causes polar molecules to constantly change their alignment direction in the electromagnetic field with high-frequency changes. When the changes occur, the molecules rotate and collide with each other in vibration, generating heat. The higher the frequency of electromagnetic waves, the greater the impact and friction, the more heat, the faster the thaw.

Our services :

Pre-sale service

1. We provide free consulting services and professional production solutions.

2. We provide processing video for your reference.

3. You can bring raw materials to our factory to test the machine until you find a satisfactory production plan.

After-sale service

1. Our engineers train your staff on how to install and use the machine, as well as daily maintenance methods.

2. Our engineers can repair machinery overseas.

3. Our food microwave defrosts equipment and microwave wood drying equipment warranty for 1 year.

Microwave defrosting equipment for food

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