Microwave Defrosting Equipment for Frozen Fruits

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Freezing is a safe way of food preservation, which can effectively inhibit microorganisms’ growth and reproduction and prevent spoilage. Frozen meat can be preserved for a long time, with lower transportation costs and prices. For fruits, especially those with a concentrated picking period, short harvesting time, and perishable, quick-freezing method can extend the storage period and adjust the low and high season.

The final quality of frozen products depends not only on freezing technology but also on thawing technology. People pay more and more attention to the thawing method’s research, so it is necessary to develop thawing technology.

Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen fruits
Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen fruits

  The competitive advantage of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen fruits:

1. Overall heating and temperature return, reduce the unevenness of temperature between thawing layers.

2. The thawing process takes a short time. Microwave thawing is heating by the electrical properties of the material itself. Electromagnetic waves generate heat by acting on high molecular and low molecular polar groups in frozen products. The more powerful the microwave, the more heat it generates, and the faster it defrosts. Bacteria and other microorganisms are not easy to reproduce and grow. However, the air’s specific heat is small, poor thermal conductivity, in the process of defrosting the need for a long time.

For example, the microwave defrosting equipment for fruit defrosting 4~5 cm thick frozen materials takes less than 3 minutes at the working frequency of 2450MHz.

thawing methodNormal temperature air thawmicrowave thawing
thawing time(s)16801809050

Thawing time of different thawing methods

3. Microwave heating has no thermal inertia. The temperature rise rate of frozen materials is controlled with the microwave’s output power or the microwave energy supply rate—synchrony with each other.

4. The content of anthocyanidin, VC, anthocyanin, catechin, and ellagic acid in strawberries was higher after microwave thawing than that after 20℃ natural thawing.

5. The microwave frozen fruit defrosting equipment has little effect on the structure and hardness of fruit. The higher the microwave power, the shorter the thawing time, and the shorter the time to pass through the maximum ice crystal formation band, the less damage to the tissue structure of the fruit, so the hardness showed a significant increasing trend. However, due to the slow heat transfer and long thawing time of the medium, the cell structure of fruits is damaged seriously.

6. Microwave thawing had little effect on the main components of fruit aroma. Microwave defrosting time is short, and the defrosting process does not contact with water, which has little effect on fragrance. At the same time, microwave defrost can better maintain the color of the fruit.

7. Microwave fruit defrosting equipment has little effect on fruit juice loss. Microwave can penetrate the inside of the fruit, so as to play the role of internal and external heating at the same time, without too much temperature difference, so the damage to the cell structure of the fruit is less, and the juice loss rate is less.

  Related parameters of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen fruits:

30KW Microwave defroster
30KW Microwave defroster
60KW Microwave defroster
60KW Microwave defroster
80KW Microwave defroster
80KW Microwave defroster
Customized microwave defroster
Customized microwave defroster

  Here are more details about the industrial microwave defroster that we sell:

Total power30KW60KW80KWcustomization
the operation pressurenormal pressures
service life5-8 years
operating methodscompletely continuous
heating methodelectrical energy
Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen fruits

Conventional thawing process:

Hot air or water bath thawing methods are often called conventional thawing methods. Conventional thawing is the surface conductive heating property of the material: the frozen material is melted by accepting the heat transferred by the hot medium (hot air or water) with a temperature higher than that of the frozen product.

The drawbacks of the regular thaw method:

(1)The conventional thawing rate decreases gradually with the thawing process’s progress, and the surface of the frozen material turns into the water before the inner layer.

(2)The loss weight of nutrients in frozen materials is about 3% of the total weight.

(3)In order to avoid surface ripening of frozen materials, the method of delaying the thawing process of frozen materials leads to the problem of rapid growth and reproduction of bacteria, which affects the quality of frozen materials.

Are frozen fruit microwave defrost equipment environmental protection?

Microwave frozen fruit thawing equipment emissions meet international emission standards, environmental protection, and no pollution.

How about the matching service of frozen fruit microwave defrost equipment?

Investors who purchase Leader frozen fruit microwave defrosting equipment can benefit from wise choice and enjoy perfect after-sales service. Our company will send professional technicians for staff training to install and adjust the factory until the frozen fruit microwave thaw machine runs smoothly.

How is the company’s foreign trade?

Leader Microwave Equipment Company has exported Microwave thaw equipment for frozen fruits to many countries. It has rich experience in foreign trade.

Entertaining customer
Entertaining customer
Entertaining customer
Entertaining customer

Microwave thawing has the low-temperature gradient characteristics, good temperature uniformity and short time, and easy control of temperature rise rate, which has become new thawing equipment for the processing plant to shorten thawing time, improve product quality and reduce processing loss.