Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen sheep feet

Now people’s pursuit for food is more and more high, a variety of delicious food is also more and more, it is best to eat some mutton when the weather is cold, can drive away the cold, of course, sheep’s feet are also very delicious, often eat sheep’s feet can also play a role in cooling blood hemostasis, detoxification kill insects. Sheep’s feet are usually frozen because they have a short shelf life, so how do you defrost them? Leader Microwave Equipment’s frozen sheep feet microwave thawing equipment can defrost sheep feet very well.

 Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen sheep feet

Advantages of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen sheep feet

  1. The machine size can be adjusted according to the user’s workshop area

The microwave thawing machine for frozen sheep feet can be customized, and there are a variety of models to choose, manufacturers can according to their own workshop needs to choose their own microwave thawing equipment.
2.Rapid continuous production, uniform and complete

Different from the traditional thawing method, the microwave thawing machine for frozen sheep feet is a mechanized production method, which can work 24 hours continuously. And because of the use of microwave thawing, microwave can directly act on the frozen sheep feet inside, so that the frozen sheep feet inside and outside can be thawed at the same time, thawed not only evenly but very quickly.
3.Perfect mechanical and electrical integration design, real-time monitoring of multiple sensors, safe and reliable.

The automatic production is realized. Using microwave defrosting equipment is not only safe but also can reduce labor cost.
4.Food grade materials are used

Microwave defrosting machine is made of industrial stainless steel, which is very clean and hygienic.
5.The equipment can monitor, quantify and control production

Manufacturers can freely choose the output and time of defrosting. Using microwave defrosting machine can realize quantification and control of production.

Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen sheep feet

Model and technical parameters of microwave thawing equipment for frozen sheep’s feet

MoldThawing machine
AdvantageHigh productivity
MaterialsFood grade stainless steel
Defrost typeMicrowave
Specification19 * 2 * 2.2
Transport packageThe wood box
Defrost efficiency1.5-2t/hr
Microwave system cooling systemMagnetron(water cooling)、Transformer(oil cooling)

Microwave defrosting equipment

Differences between frozen sheep hoof microwave defrosting equipment and traditional defrosting methods

  1. Defrost efficiency

Traditional thawing methods include water thawing and natural thawing, but the disadvantages of these thawing methods are that thawing efficiency is very low. Because it thaws from the outside to the inside, and microwave thaws use microwave method. Microwave can directly act on the inside of frozen sheep’s feet, making the inside and outside of frozen sheep’s feet defrost at the same time, a few minutes to complete, defrosting efficiency is very high.

  1. Uniformity of thawing

The traditional thawing method cannot guarantee the evenness of thawing, there will be the phenomenon that the outside thawing is completed but the inside is still frozen. The microwave thawing equipment for frozen sheep’s feet will not have such a situation. The inside and outside are thawed at the same time, which can make the frozen sheep’s feet thawed very evenly.

Although microwave technology is a new kind of technology, it has been recognized by more and more people. Microwave equipment is also gradually increased, such as frozen pig feet microwave defrosting equipment, daylily microwave drying equipment, lotus seed microwave drying equipment, microwave equipment is more and more widely used.

Because frozen sheep feet microwave thawing equipment thawed sheep feet taste very good and nutritious, so widely received by consumers, it is because of microwave equipment, our life is more beautiful day by day!