Microwave Defrosting Equipment – Qatar customer visit in April-2019

In April 2019, a customer from Qatar came to our factory to inspect the microwave meat defrosting equipment. The client is a sizeable local meat processor whose main products are chicken and beef. The client needs to add a new production line. Treat about 1 ton of frozen meat per hour. After being taken out of the -18 ℃ cold storage, it is necessary to heat up and thaw to -2 ℃ most efficiently. Traditional water defrosting was not the first method to control temperature accurately, and the quality of the meat was difficult to guarantee. Through continuous understanding, he finally focused on the most advanced technology microwave defrosting equipment.

Through communication with customers, customers are very recognized for our technical ability. He noted that he learned from other friends that microwave drying and sterilization equipment can be manufactured by general manufacturers in the microwave industry. However, microwave thawing requires high technical requirements. In the north China market, especially the microwave production base in Shandong, no more than two manufacturers can produce thawing equipment. After repeated comparison and understanding, the customer finally chose our factory for cooperation and appreciated our technical ability very much. At the same time, the customer raised a lot of questions that he was concerned about:

  1. What is the difference in thawing yield between different types of meat affected by microwave thawing equipment?
  2. Due to high humidity and high dust in the workshop, the customer requires the production of the whole equipment to reach the waterproof grade of IP65 and discusses how to achieve this standard.
  3. Which material is the best conveyor belt for microwave defrosting equipment? PP, Teflon, or stainless steel chain?
  4. The customer also raised many questions about the details of the work. For example, the customer was concerned about the inlet’s support design due to the heavy raw material. The customer also asked about the thickness of the stainless steel of the microwave box and the workmanship of the door handle and other details.
  5. At the same time, customers are concerned about using the PLC system, which is more practical, Siemens or Taiwan PLC system?
  6. Finally, the customer consulted and understood more about the best length of microwave defrosting equipment.

Because the experiment is very successful, the customer plans to purchase 75KW microwave defrosting equipment according to their own capacity. What advantages does the 915MHZ microwave defrosting equipment produced by our factory have?

1、Fast thaw
Microwaves can be heated directly into the material without heat conduction. Therefore, frozen meat through the continuous tunnel thawing system improves production efficiency, greatly save thawing time. Time is changed from “days” to “minutes.” For the frozen meat with the weight of 25Kg and the external size of 600mmx400mmx230mm, it only needs 2 ~ 4 minutes to return to the temperature of -4℃ ~ -2℃ through the microwave defrosting equipment at about -18℃. Processing power is related to meat quality, that is, the dielectric constant of meat quality. The higher the quality of meat, the higher the processing capacity, and the smaller the lean meat processing capacity.

Take 100kw microwave thawing equipment as an example: the theoretical estimation of the processing capacity of frozen meat thawing from Celsius to -18℃ is referred to as follows. The actual amount of thawing varies according to specific conditions.

Required temperature90% Lean meat50% Lean

2、Simplified thawing process: microwave thawing eliminates the need for natural thawing of thawing spaces and shelves, avoiding the waste of water source for thawing water. The environment is clean and sanitary, the product quality is easy to control.
3、Uniform thawing: microwave thawing can make the material simultaneously subject to the action of the electromagnetic field and generate heat. So thawing uniformity is good, will not appear outside hot but inside cold phenomenon.
4、Ensure nutrition, no decay: microwave thawing has a thermal effect and biological effect, can maintain the taste of thawed materials, protein, amino acid, vitamin, and other nutrients that are not damaged. The characteristics of rapid microwave thawing enable thawed materials to pass through the temperature area where bacteria multiply rapidly and avoid contamination.
5、Reduce the rate of meat loss:
Both natural thawing and water thawing have blood flow, and the rate of meat loss is 5-10%, while microwave thawing has no blood flow, and the rate of meat loss is less than 1%.
6、Touch screen operation, easy to control:
The microwave defrosting equipment is operated by a touch screen. The computer operation program suitable for the defrosting process requirements can be set to realize fully automatic operation. (optional)
7、Continuous operation of equipment, high reliability:
The defrosting equipment can work 24 hours continuously, and the electronic force isolator is installed between the magnetron and the heating box to extend the magnetron’s service life.
8、Safe and harmless, clean working environment
Microwave thawing is done in a closed thawing chamber made of metal, and the boxes and conveyor belts can be washed entirely.