Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen sheep feet

Now people’s pursuit for food is more and more high, a variety of delicious food is also more and more, it is best to eat some mutton when the weather is cold, can drive away the cold, of course, sheep’s feet are also very delicious, often eat sheep’s feet can also play a role in cooling blood hemostasis, detoxification kill insects. Sheep’s feet are usually frozen because they have a short shelf life, so how do you defrost them? Leader Microwave Equipment’s frozen sheep feet microwave thawing equipment can defrost sheep feet very well.  Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen sheep feet Advantages of microwave … Read more

Microwave thawing equipment for frozen dumplings

Dumpling is a kind of folk food with a long history. Eating dumpling is also a unique folk tradition of Chinese people during the Spring Festival. Because take “eat dumplings at midnight on New Year’s eve” meaning, so deeply popular with the common people. There is a folk saying “no better delicious than dumplings”. Every Spring Festival, dumplings have become an indispensable delicacy. In many areas of Chinese folk customs, New Year’s eve shousui eat “dumplings”, is any delicacies can not replace the first big feast. Frozen dumplings Nowadays, frozen dumplings are so popular in the market that people usually buy frozen dumplings for convenience, so … Read more

Microwave Defrost Equipment for steaks

In the past, pork and mutton were the common people’s meat, while beef was the senior meat of the nobles. But now, as the progress of the society, people’s living standard rises ceaselessly, the life that beef also gradually infiltrates common people, steak also becomes a common cate on table. Steak We all know that meat is usually frozen, otherwise it is perishable, and steak is no exception. So, when you make a steak, the first thing to do is to defrost it. There are many ways to defrost, but by far the best way is microwave defrost. Leader Microwave Equipment Company has applied microwave … Read more

Microwave Defrost Equipment for duck meat

When it comes to duck, the first thing that comes to your mind is definitely the Beijing roast duck. It is a world-famous dish with a long history in Beijing. It is known as “the world delicious” with its features of red color and lustre, tender meat, mellow taste, fat but not greasy. Think of it can not help and let a person drool, after eating is worth a long aftertaste! Peking Duck Duck meat is usually frozen for storage, so the roast duck must be defrosted before it is roasted. The duck microwave thaw equipment of Leader Microwave Equipment Company is a new type … Read more