Microwave thawing equipment for frozen dumplings

Dumpling is a kind of folk food with a long history. Eating dumplings is also a unique folk tradition of Chinese people during the Spring Festival. Take “eat dumplings at midnight on New Year’s eve” meaning, so dumplings deeply popular with the ordinary people. There is a folk saying, “no better delicious than dumplings.” Every Spring Festival, dumplings have become an indispensable delicacy. In many areas of Chinese folk customs, New Year’s eve Shousui eat “dumplings”, is any delicacies can not replace the first big feast.

Frozen dumplings

Nowadays, frozen dumplings are so popular in the market that people usually buy frozen dumplings for convenience, so dumplings need to be thawed when people eat them. Microwave thawing is a very good thawing method, with incomparable advantages of other thawing methods, frozen dumplings microwave thawing equipment has become a popular product.

What are the advantages of microwave thawing equipment for frozen dumplings?

  1. Microwave processing time is greatly shortened, with the characteristics of short time and fast speed.
  2. The microwave defrosting machine can be sterilized at a lower temperature, maintaining the material’s nutrition and traditional flavor.
  3. It can be directly used for food, no additional heat loss, maximum energy saving.
  4. The frozen dumpling thawing machine makes the surface and interior of dumplings affected simultaneously, so thawing evenly and thoroughly.
  5. Flexible and convenient, easy to control, simple operation, the frozen dumplings microwave thawing machine can be opened and closed, no traditional thermal inertia, and no preheating.
  6. Microwave defrosting equipment can be operated without a boiler or complex piping system as long as basic water and electricity conditions are available.
  7. The loss rate of boiled dumplings after using dumplings microwave defrosting device is low, and the original flavor and nutrition are still maintained after defrosting.
  8. Simple equipment, advanced technology, occupy a small area, save space, no other supporting investment, save manpower, material, and financial resources.

Microwave thawing equipment for frozen dumplings

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Technical parameters of microwave thawing equipment for frozen dumplings

NameMicrowave defrosting equipment
Power20KW 40KW 60KW 80KW 100KW
Microwave frequency915MHZ
Transmission speedAdjustable
MaterialsSS 304
Size1.98 * 3.56 * 2.25

With the accelerated pace of life, people usually want to buy quick-frozen dumplings when they want to eat dumplings, so the microwave thawing equipment for frozen dumplings came into being. Its appearance brings great convenience for people, and this kind of thawing method is in line with people’s needs. The society develops so fast, the future of microwave equipment will be more beautiful!