Defrost pork

We must refrigerate ingredients at low temperatures for easy storage, transportation, and long-term processing and pork turnover. Freezing is mainly for storage. If raw materials are to be used, they need to be thawed. A process in food processing is called the thawing return temperature. Traditional food processing enterprises’ thawing is usually achieved using water, air, and vacuum condensed steam medium through heat conduction. However, traditional thawing has many disadvantages, such as large energy consumption, long time, high rate of meat loss, complex operation of equipment, large footprint, etc. Microwave thawing is a new type of thawing method to adapt … Read more

Microwave Defrosting Equipment – Qatar customer visit in April-2019

In April 2019, a customer from Qatar came to our factory to inspect the microwave meat defrosting equipment. The client is a sizeable local meat processor whose main products are chicken and beef. The client needs to add a new production line. Treat about 1 ton of frozen meat per hour. After being taken out of the -18 ℃ cold storage, it is necessary to heat up and thaw to -2 ℃ most efficiently. Traditional water defrosting was not the first method to control temperature accurately, and the quality of the meat was difficult to guarantee. Through continuous understanding, he finally … Read more