Tuna Microwave Thawing Equipment

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In the aquaculture industry and the aquaculture processing industry, high-quality thawing methods that are indispensable for rapid, uniform, non-burnt or cooked indispensable refrigeration techniques are expected. Cryopreservation technology is an indispensable technology for modern society that preserves the freshness or quality of agricultural products or processed foods for long-term preservation.

Processed tuna
Processed tuna
Processed tuna
Processed tuna

Shortcomings of traditional microwave thawing equipment:

Many of the frozen foods that we use in our lives need to be frozen to prevent the goods from spoiling due to the hot weather. These frozen foods need to be thawed before use. The common methods of thawing are natural thawing and microwave thawing. Natural thawing is to place the frozen food in cold water. It takes several hours or even ten hours to thaw the material. The microwave thawing directly places the frozen food in a microwave thawing machine for heating and thawing.

Natural thawing requires a longer thawing time, which tends to deteriorate the frozen food. It will have adverse effects after eating. Microwave thawing is prone to corner effect, which makes the corners of the food ripe and scorched. Both thawing methods have certain drawbacks. When some thawing equipment sprays cold water on the cargo, cold water cannot be recycled.

  Advantages of tuna microwave thawing equipment:

Compared with the existing technology, the tuna microwave thawing equipment has the advantages that the microwave preservation and thawing equipment, the combination of the energized heating element, the water spray pipe and the temperature sensor shortens the time for rapid thawing and also solves the problem of coke dry and ripening due to the rapid heating of the corners and thinner parts; Through the use of the water tank, the second water pipe, the water storage tank and the water pump, the recycling of the cold water for the cold food spray water is solved.

Tuna microwave thawing equipment

Industrial microwave thawing machine

Structure Figure

1, thawing warehouse, 2, electric heating components, 3, shelves, 31, shelf plate, 32, shelf horizontal plate, 4, sump, 5, first water pipe, 6, filter, 7, water pump, 8, reservoir, 9, controller, 10, temperature sensor, 11, second water pipe, 12, water tank, 13, ball valve, 14, water pipe, 15, cargo.

  The working principle of tuna microwave thawing equipment:

Quick preservation and thawing equipment includes thawing warehouse, electric heating element is disposed between the inner wall and the outer wall of the thawing warehouse, temperature sensor is disposed on the inner wall of the thawing warehouse, and controller is disposed on the outer wall of the thawing warehouse. Water tank is disposed at the top of the thawing tank, water spray pipe is arranged at the bottom of the water tank, ball valve is disposed on the inner wall of the water inlet of the water pipe and the water spray pipe is coiled at the bottom of the horizontal plate. The thawing warehouse is provided with shelves. The shelf comprises a shelf transverse plate, the top of the shelf transverse plate is provided with goods, the shelf transverse plate is hinged on the shelf vertical plate, the bottom of the shelf is provided with sump, the side wall of the sump is provided with a first water pipe running through the thawing warehouse and the reservoir. A filter is disposed at the water inlet of the first water pipe, a water storage tank is disposed on an outer side wall of the thawing storage, and a water pump is disposed at a bottom of the inner cavity of the reservoir. The water pump top is provided with a second water pipe, the water pump is connected to one end of the second water pipe, the second water pipe runs through the top of the water tank, the temperature sensor, the ball valve, the water pump and the electric heating element are electrically connected to the controller.

Brazilian customers come to our factory for field visits

Brazilian customers come to our factory for field visits

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